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31 July 2013

10+ Ways to Submit Site Addresses into Google sitemap

To speed up more blogspot traffic is the most important habit which all bloggers should have.
Of course, it wouldn't be a true family getaway without completeness as you gave another extravaganza occupation, whereas the full time, saying not?
Submit blogspot address into a google sitemap to accelerate the search engine index.
I mean, the traffic which comes more popular to your blog through search engine like Google in just a few minutes, especially in seconds.
Because in this simply tutorial below, you only submit, copy, click, paste and changing a numeral code on Add/Test Sitemap box.
Handy but it’s so important for your blog future . . . . . so, let’s start to driving the friendly method.

Well, if you want to try it, here a several steps have to go through in the terms.
1. Login to your blog account.
2. Go to Page Webmaster tools.
3. Then select the blog you'd like to Submit
4. Once you Choose a blog, then select Optimization.

5. Select Tab "Sitemaps"

6. At your right hand corner click the "ADD / TEST SITEMAP"
7. Having Appeared Page "ADD / SITEMAP TEST", Copy Code below (Select according to your blog).

Enter the following code in the "ADD / TEST SITEMAP" If the total articles in your blog less than "500" Posts/Articles.


Enter the following code in the "ADD / TEST SITEMAP" If the total articles in your blog less than "1000" Posts/Articles.


8. Once you entering the Code on the box, then click "Submit Sitemap".

9. My suggestion: if your have 2,200 articles, you’re still enough to find more ways for the google friendly by submit all the things which associated with the number of articles. And fill this list procedur and I will guarantee, the and will said “OK”, but do not be hasty.


10. Hopefully my simply tutorial will be offer all of kindness to the audiences into yours and the blog will get better navigation system on the list of search engine by easily, permanence, and nicely.


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